Hurricane Restoration services

When a storm hits land and leaves awake of devastation, call us right away. Our staff is prepared to respond to catastrophe restoration emergencies at any time of day or night, seven days a week. A thoroughly prepared disaster response team can rapidly analyze your property damage and promptly begin storm damage repairs. We are ready for fire catastrophes, flood restoration, and other disasters.

Storm Damage services

Flooding and high winds are the most likely hurricane and severe storm hazards for property owners. Following a hurricane, it's common for roofs to be wrecked, windows to be smashed, and other things to be damaged on the inside and outside. However, floods and fires will be responsible for some of the most devastating and expensive damage.A well-established storm damage repair firm, All Pro Restoration Services is well-versed in hurricane and tropical storm damage in South Florida. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can work on your Repair. Damage from water leaks, flooding, or fire will only become worse if left unattended for an extended period.

Hurricane Damage inspection

As soon as our technicians arrive on-site, we will begin to assess the situation and immediately start preparing a plan to stop all leaks, flooding quickly, and other immediate threats to prevent further damage to your home or commercial building.

The potential disaster of the intense wind hurricanes and storms that frequent and we come prepared. However, every damaged home or place of Business has its own story and its particular requirements. Therefore, we will derive a strategy to tackle your restoration needs quickly and effectively based on priority.

Removal and Disposal of Damaged Property

Our storm and hurricane restoration experts will do everything possible to ensure that your property and personal possessions are preserved after the storm. Unfortunately, certain goods and structures will not be salvageable. For example, in floods, it will be necessary to remove carpet, furniture, and damaged drywall. We will handle the removal and disposal.

Has a hurricane damaged your property?

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